We are a passionate cleaning agency, with a mission to have the happiest clients and staff within the cleaning sector

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Why Do we do it?

We’re not just a cleaning agency, we’re committed to rebuilding lives within our communities


Giving applicants, especially women the opportunity to pursue their dream careers in the cleaning industries.


Working with women organisations to identify, inspire, empower, support and recruit applicants with a passion for cleaning.


We strongly believe that everyone was born for a purpose and can rebuild their lives no matter their experiences

Peggy Bareh

Founder Of The Passionate Brand
Passionate Cleaners.
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Were We Started

As the founder of the company, I have always loved to to be self-employed, owning a community service business. Growing up in my small village with my poor grandma, I became an entrepreneur at the age of 10. I learned to farm and sell my vegetables to afford basic items like clothes, flip-flops, and school books. I learned from my OCD grandma that cleanliness is next to godliness. 

During those years, I was lucky to care for my grandma until her death. Ever since I developed a keen passion for care and cleaning because I wanted to continue giving a timely, quality and satisfied cleaning that enriches lives within the community. Hence, I created Passionate Cleaners Ltd

In my 20 years as a personal care assistant and housekeeper, I have been privileged to work with busy families, the elderly, small and large businesses. I realized that not every cleaner is passionate about the job. It can become quite challenging when making the decision to seek extra help for yourself, your business, or a loved one, but one thing is vital: you need someone that delivers from the bottom of their heart.  That is why we link our customers with passionate cleaners , and we only recruit and train those that are passionate about cleaning. 

My purpose for motivating and rebuilding the lives of women after domestic abuse is also a driving factor in this business. Besides my degree in management development, my love for care and cleaning has motivated me to acquire QCF level 5 in Leadership and Management for Health and Social Care. I also have a QCF level 5 in managing a cleaning business. I and my team are constantly learning and acquiring new skills that can enable us to deliver with excellence. 

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Prepared To Deliver On Our Promise

Whilst recognizing the level of competition in the sector, and as a small and growing business, our focus is to deliver on our brand promise “to always provide a Timely, Affordable, Quality and Satisfied Service” We promise to do this by:

  1. Providing reliable and trusted 24/7 cleaning service for our clients.
  2. Consistency and continuity of service
  3. Selecting, vetting, and training our staff with the right skills to deliver with excellence.
  4. Letting you pay only for what you need.
  5. Working with your family and professionals to meet your needs.
  6. Easy and Personalised Client booking system.

Each time you choose us, you give us the opportunity and possibility of changing lives within the community.

We believe in simplicity

Experience A straight Forward Booking Process.

We want you to meet your cleaning needs without wasting time, hence, we’re ready to make things very simple for you.

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Passionate Cleaners Ltd, Festival Park, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire ST1 5BE
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday09:00 – 18:00
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